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even though we didn’t crawl into bed up until 3-ish last night I woke up at 6:30am?! I dislike myself a bit for that. I made myself stay in bed up until 8-ish. Then, I contemplated going to the gym. however we had to get going soon so Ben went to get food as well as I got ready.

This is what he restored for breakfast: gatorade, iced coffee, pizza as well as a chocolate almond bear claw. breakfast of champions people who enjoy tight pants.
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In a weak attempt to pretend that this trip is healthy on some level I busted out my yogurt as well as cereal. But, I realized I was in vegas as well as threw this ish out for some bear claw. I like the taste of bear in the morning

Then, we packed it up as well as went in browse of my Refuel with chocolate Milk meeting.

I’m such a weirdo…

I did some silly things for the cause, however it’s nothing I haven’t done before…

By this time around it was after 1pm as well as Ben as well as I were HUNGRY. We desired A great deal of great food as well as headed to Hash home a Go-Go

Ben spotted this B.L.T. Mary as well as had to try it

I’m not a bloody mary fan, however I tried it. It was great – super flavorful, however not as well spicy.

Since we’re out of town as well as can’t keep leftovers we decided to share the fried poultry as well as bacon waffles.

There were full on slices of bacon right in the middle of the waffle. It was definitely ridiculous.

Adam from guy V. Food was right here as well as I totally keep in mind the episode. (Yes, I just realized I watch method as well much food TV.) right here is a clip of the Hash home a Go Go episode.


We were even harassed by a few new buddies at the bar about our big clean plate. Hopefully, they’ll compose an email to Adam nominating me to be his next co-host.

After this feast we headed to Ghiradelli for a satisfy up. My bit peeps – Janae as well as SkinnyRunner

Oh, I almost failed to remember I was right here for a race as well as realized I needed to get my bib.

I hope Amway’s Nutrilite peeps will send me to Kara Goucher’s home one day…

The rock N’ Roll series is doing worldwide races now! Running in Madrid?! أين أوقع؟!

I ate a granola bar. This isn’t news. however it is carb loading.

On the method back I heard “free sample” from 72 lawns away from Godiva…

The sales woman stated this tasted like Christmas since it’s peppermint as well as white chocolate. But, I believed Christmas tasted like tamales as well as egg nog?!

Finally we tried to discover out method back to our hotel.

We caught a bit of the Stiletto Dash!

After a pit stop in the space we went to dinner at Chin Chin. Carb packing time!

Las vegas is called transgression city since you can enjoy all your vices. My number one vice is fro-yo as well as now they have that too.

Want to bet I can eat more frozen yogurt than Adam Richman? It’s a bet you won’t lose!

All this fried poultry as well as fro-yo is truly not assisting me lose weight…

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المشاركة تعنى الاهتمام!







استمر مع هذه:

أفضل خيارات الغذاء الموسمية التاجر الصحية جو اليقطين

أفضل خيارات الغذاء الموسمية التاجر الصحية جو اليقطين

the very best healthy Trader Joes Pumpkin foods. افحص هذه الجولة من أفضل الأطعمة الموسمية من TJ’s Like Pecan Sumpk

ما أكلته اليوم مذكرات الطعام – أسبوع تدريب الماراثون 4

ما أكلته اليوم مذكرات الطعام – أسبوع تدريب الماراثون 4

ما آكله في يوم واحد. مذكرات الطعام في الأسبوع التدريب على المدونة 4. الإفطار ، الغداء ، العشاء وكذلك الوجبات الخفيفة بالإضافة إلى ملاحظات على

تقييم جين السفر للعدائين

تقييم جين السفر للعدائين

تقييم جين للتقييم للعدائين. جربتها وكذلك مشاركة النصائح! بسيط للاستفادة من حقيبة مبولة محمولة يمكن التخلص منها. حمام

نصائح السفر وكذلك قصص من عطلة سان فرانسيسكو

نصائح السفر وكذلك قصص من عطلة سان فرانسيسكو

نصائح السفر من سان فرانسيسكو. اعترافات السفر من إجازتي في الصيف وكذلك المواقع المفضلة في سان فرانسيسكو كاليفورنيا

طعام لاس فيجاس وكذلك صور فندق باريس من عطلة نهاية الأسبوع في سباق الماراثون

طعام لاس فيجاس وكذلك صور فندق باريس من عطلة نهاية الأسبوع في سباق الماراثون

RNR لاس فيغاس نصف ماراثون TRAVEL TIPS. ماذا لتناول صور فندق كازينو باريس وكذلك أفضل طعام وكذلك الكوكتيلات. سريع tr

الركض في جزيرة ماركو فلوريدا 2021

الركض في جزيرة ماركو فلوريدا 2021

أين الجري على جزيرة ماركو فلوريدا. تشغيل نصائح للسفر وكذلك الرحلات الشاطئية الصيف. مدونة فلوريدا وركوب

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