RER gets a new Car!

مرحبًا! كيف تجري الامور؟

This morning I did my normal run/eat action as well as just ideal now am once again realizing I DON’T have MY GARMIN WORKING!!?!!%$#!!
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Covid 19 Antibody Test
I took the Covid19 Antibody Test. Here’s exactly how it went as well as the results!

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What I eat In A Day – runner edition


Monican, get it together – you have a race this weekend.

على أي حال. After my run as well as eat I showered as well as donned a RunEatRepeat tee just in situation I fail to remember what buy they’re meant to go…

(Available in my Spreadshirt Shop)

Then, I set off to run some errands.

(Note: Selfies are for the traveler seat however my cars and truck was off when I took this.)

So, I failed to remember to tell you that I got A new CAR!!!!!! If you likewise want to replace your cars and truck you have to inspect out the top quality title cars and trucks Salt Lake City has offered for sell.

Week before last my cars and truck needed some service as well as when I called my sibling to ask his viewpoint on the things the mechanic desired me to do he suggested I may want to reevaluate putting a lot of money in it as well as selling it before it got to 100K miles. So, I took his random tip as well as went with it.

I did a ton of research. I printed out an excellent offer I saw on the internet as well as figured I’d shop around as well as see who’d match it. I went to the dealership to test drive my dream cars and truck – a RED Prius C (it’s the compact Prius as well as is quite small). mainly I just desired a red car.

I went by myself too! Isn’t that crazy?! I felt so grown up getting a cars and truck with nobody there to agree or disagree or to provide me advice.

I ended up with an fantastic deal. I don’t believe the sales team realized I was not playin’. (I’m kinda great at getting cars, let me understand if you want to hire me to assist you.)

My RED RED RED car. I have always desired a red car, however have just went with the very best offer in the past. I was incredibly delighted to get seriously an fantastic offer on a red Prius. (Thank you Toyota Irvine.)

Now I just requirement some friends. Then, I can truly online it up.

After my tasks today I came back house for lunch. I’m delighted I made additional fish last night for dinner – made lunch so easy!

This photo is a bit blurry, however I snapped one as well as then dropped my phone as well as it restarted as well as I wasn’t about to wait on that to come back to life to take a remove one… #truth

One of my tasks was to Costco, so there was likewise a great deal of sampling action that was kinda part of this meal

Question: If you might have any type of color cars and truck – what would it be?

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